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Lightweight Blocking Eco Friendly Special Cruelty
  • Lightweight Blocking Eco Friendly Special Cruelty
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Lightweight Blocking Eco Friendly Special Cruelty - CK12NBVINJ9

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  • NO ANIMAL HAS SUFFERED AND NO NATURAL RESOURCES DRAINED our pocket wallet is made of natural cork, a sustainable alternative to animal leather. Trees are not cut down when harvested as only the shavings are taken and strict laws protect oak tree forests. If you are thinking of becoming vegan or know someone that is an animal lover, this wallet is for you and them.
  • WORRY FREE TRAVEL AND DAILY LIFE don't allow cyber criminals to ruin your travels or peace of mind by stealing your financial and personal data using RFID scanners. Carry all your contactless payment cards with confidence as no electronic theft will be possible. Ideal when in crowds where criminals can easily hide such as amusement parks, sports events, festivals, etc.
  • IMPRESS AND BE IMPRESSED WITH UNIQUE DESIGNS not two wallets will be the same as different trees' shavings will be used into one wallet. Our beautiful men's wallet is made of high quality durable cork and boasts a classic design to fit everyone's taste. Maximum capacity but thin to avoid bulky pockets and to carry on anyone's bag, pocket or handbag. Water resistant, anti-microbial and super pleasant to the touch. Wallet dimensions: 4.5 x 3.5 x 0.9 in.
  • GIVE THE BEST GIFT EVER you will be complimented for giving a beautiful present to your friends, colleagues, boyfriend, husband and loved ones that doesn't cost the Earth or animals to suffer. Help avoid increasing waste to the landfill as our packaging is recyclable and reusable.
  • VENTURE WITH CONFIDENCE INTO SOMETHING NEW we know that you may be unsure about buying cork as an alternative to animal leather and for this reason we have your back. Cork is flexible but sturdy and durable and we know you'll love it but so you are fully covered we include a 365 day hassle free warranty for any problems you may find. Get ready to become a raving fan!

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